Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Enviroschools Day

Enviroschools Day at Clydesvale School

Pedal power blends the smoothie.
Dot and Beatrice enjoy the fruits of
their labour. 

Dot, Beatrice and Georgia are using 
positive connections to build their circuit.

Arie and Shaydon focus on teamwork
to build their circuit
and turn the propellor.
Now it's your turn Shaydon.

Arie and Georgia explore the power of water. 

2019 Polyfest

Waihola School sang like tuis at the recent Polyfest. Our young performers looked smart, standing on the Edgar Centre Stage, in their red and black kapahaka uniforms. 

Taki Rua Theatre

Taki Rua Theatre came to Waihola School during Maori Language Week, 2019

WDS children enjoyed a lively performance based on the Patricia Grace story, "The Kuia and the Spider". The play was performed completely in Te Reo Maori, enhanced by the use of voice, movement, slow motion action and singing. Thank you to the awesome young actors from Taki Rua Theatre. We really enjoyed the show.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Roly Poly Lunch Time

This week on a warm and windy lunchtime, the Juniors were feeling in a playful mood and organised Roly Poly races down the bank.
On your marks, set...


The Plant Fair 1st of November

WDS  children showing off the vegetable seedlings that are ready to sell at the plant Fair on the 1st of November. Thanks to Jean Timms for helping the children sow the seeds at the end of last term.

Athletics Practise

On the 4th of November we are going to Memorial Park in Mosgiel  for Athletics Day. We think we are going to be really strong and competitive against the children from the other schools.We have been practicing our events every afternoon this week.
Charlie and Michael are sprinting as fast as they can by weaving around the cones, ready for the agility poles activity at the sports.

The School Van

In the school holidays Charlie's Mum organised a signwriter to put pictures on the school van. Now the van represents our school by letting everyone know there is a school in Waihola. The design on the van has the new WDS logo on it, with some children playing, yachts on the lake, and the Waihola Hill.

We think the van is awesome and we feel proud to ride in it.
Proud children pose for a photo. L to R - Beatrice,Tylah, Dorothy, Madeleine, Brooke, Evie, Charlie & Michael.